Vaccine injury is real.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid out $3.3 Billion for vaccine injuries and deaths over the last twenty years. Payouts have exploded to – $220 million a year over last six years, since the push for the flu shot, with over 300 pending vaccine injury and death cases.

The flu vaccine is now known to be the most dangerous vaccine based on injuries and deaths compensated by the U.S. government.  Vaccines are so defective that Congress prevents victims of vaccine injury and death from suing vaccine manufacturers.

That’s a red flag!


Safety of Flu Shots Not Established

  • Safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers.”
  • “…has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential.”

Regarding the safety and effectiveness of each vaccine insert tells a different story. If you are deciding to give a flu shot to your child this year, it is important to understand the safety research, or lack of, for their specific shot (as well as all others).

  • Flubok: “Safety and effectiveness in children 3 years to less than 18 years of age have not been established.”
  • Flucelvax: “Safety and effectiveness have not been established in children less than 18 years of age.”
  • Fluzone: “Safety and effectiveness in children below the age of 6 months have not been established.”
  • Fluvirin: “The safety and immunogenicity have not been established in children under 4 years of age.”
  • FluLaval: “Safety and effectiveness in children younger than 3 years have not been established.”
  • Afluria: “…not approved for use in children less than 5 years of age.”
  • Fluarix: “…not approved for use in children younger than 3 years.”
  • Fluvirin: “The safety and immunogenicity have not been established in children under 4 years of age.”

Where there is RISK, there MUST BE CHOICE!

More people are killed by vaccines than by the diseases themselves. A parent’s right to choose what goes into their children’s bodies should never ever be threatened by government.

Documents for Research and Download

List Of New Vaccines COMIING SOON!

development-drug-list-vaccines 4

Vaccine Label Inserts

2019 Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglobulins

Download the CDC Autism/MMR files

CDC Files 004 – 81 Files

CDC Files 005 – 84 Files

DOJ Report on Vaccine Court Reveals Vaccines Continue to Injure and Kill People. Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries


In the fiscal year 2020 the NVICP has paid out $218 MILLION in damages due to vaccine injuries and deaths.


The federal government Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services met on September 4, 2020, and the Department of Justice reported that during a 6-month period from February 16th through August 15th this year, 200 vaccine injuries and one death were compensated through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).


The March, 2020 DOJ report states that 288 petitions were filed during the 3-month time period between 11/16/19 – 2/15/20, with 181 cases being adjudicated and 146 cases compensated.


The December 2019 DOJ report states that 376 petitions were filed during the 3-month time period between 8/16/19 – 11/15/19, with 234 cases being adjudicated and 181 cases compensated.

The December, 2019 DOJ report lists 110 of these settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths, and 85 of those were for damages caused by the flu vaccine


The March 8, 2019 report states that 307 petitions were filed during the 3-month time period between 11/16/18 – 2/15/19, with 153 cases being adjudicated and 125 cases compensated.

The DOJ report only lists 83 of these settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths.

The total amount of damages paid out by the U.S. Government so far in 2019 for vaccine injuries and deaths is over $110 MILLION.


The December 6, 2018 meeting just concluded, and government attorney Catharine Reeves reported that there were 144 settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths the past 3 months, and 89 of those cases were listed in her report (see below). Some of these cases took more than 5 years to settle.

Of those 89 cases compensated, 77 were for injuries and one death caused by the flu shot, making the flu shot the most dangerous vaccine in the United States, by far.


The first case listed in the most recent report was for severe injuries due to the flu vaccine, and it took 7 years and 9 months to settle the case!


The last report issued in 2013 by the Department of Justice (Vaccine Court), for compensation made by the Health and Human Services for people injured or killed by vaccines, was released in December 2013, covering the period of 8/16/2013 through 11/15/2013. The report is available as a Power Point presentation here.


The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American – National Registry to Record Everyone’s Vaccination Status (External Link to Post)

Official document of the side effects for INFANRIX.

This vaccine is given to infants and young children in a series of doses, typically at 2, 4, and 6 months of age, with booster doses given at 15-18 months and 4-6 years of age.


Surprise, surprise, surprise. It’s a beautiful day. Great day to be alive. Make the most of it. Things are rapidly changing.

I know they’ve rapidly changed in my life over the last year. It’s really been brutal. But I’m out. I took a half hour walk today and a, oh my God. Lose this thing all the time trying not to use it. I carried it, but I still need it a little bit. I got a lot of things going on up here and in here, but I got triggered today. I went to Safeway to buy some organic celery, which is a new protocol I’m doing to try to keep well or get well or maintain above ground and went to buy celery. I don’t know if you guys follow the medical medium. He has a celery protocol that sounds like, really crazy, but it seems to be working. Seems to be working. Celery. So anyway, I go into Safeway. It’s about 06:00a.m here in Anthem, Arizona. I go in Safeway and they have this big sign. It says free flu shots. You get your free flu shot and then you get 10% off your grocery bill. Pretty amazing. Well, you know how people are reacting to this massive inflation that his government created. It’s a form of taxation. If they would have raised your insurance rates or your life rates, tax rates by 50%, you would have had a Boston Tea Party on every corner. But they do it behind your back, and sometimes it’s not even behind your back. It’s so in your face that people just don’t get it anymore. They just don’t get it. And I think it’s the constant onslaught of poison in our air, in our water, and in our food. And I’ve lived long enough to experience the best, the degradation, and now, really, society is at its worst. The training wheels have come off the bike, the bike went down into the ditch and there’s just bodies everywhere. That’s the way it is. You can be positive and say, oh, you’re so negative. Hey, I’ve been a realist all my life.

I know all about the power of positive thinking, and it does work, absolutely. But what it is, is what it is. And it’s an exciting time [00:02:57.760] to live because we’re watching the final days of humanity. And could it go on for a year, two years, three years? I believe 2030 is a real reality. We’ll see it happen. But you won’t be able to even imagine the landscape of your neighborhood, your friends, your families. Everything is just so profusely changed so rapidly. I know I haven’t talked about it a whole lot. Like, I used to go live on YouTube and Facebook, but I just haven’t been well enough to do it. I can still perform behind the keyboard, and I’m organizing a lot of things. Number one, I don’t want RFK or any of them. I don’t want any of them to get elected but RFK, he’s pro vaccine, and it’s fun to watch people get triggered when you say that. No, he’s not. You’re a liar. You’re just oh, God. So I just block him and move on. I don’t have time to deal with stupidity. If I can get somebody’s mind to crack open a little bit, that’s what I’ve done over the last 1520 years, then I’ve done my job. I’m not here to tell you things that you don’t want to believe. I just want you to think. So anyway, I went into Safeway, and of course, I may have given all my cards out. Oh, my gosh. You’ll have to bear with me. This is my first video I’ve done in so long. Anyway, I have my cards, and I thought I had a couple left. Let’s give them out. Oh, here they are. Yeah, well, I can’t show my well, maybe I can these cards here, nobody wants to give anything out anymore. Very few people do. I used to have tens of thousands of people before Dell Bigtree took me out because I was grassroots. And do I hate Dell Bigtree. I think he’s laughable. And now he’s got his friend RFK. But anyway, they destroyed my organization, him and his minions. He’s got there’s probably about 100 people that are his Grade A minions right underneath him. And they took this down. I can’t say anything on Facebook about this anymore, but on the back of my card, it says this. And I walk in, I go to Safeway. It’s really cool because people are really waking up to this charade of biology and that vaccines aren’t needed. The whole viral thing is a lie. I mean, they are waking up. They are waking up in mass. I’d like to think that maybe I just had a little tiny bit to do with it.

Anyway, so I go in there, everywhere I go, as much as I can.At the end of our I’m checking out. I said, Have I given you my card? And of course, oh, no, I haven’t got one. Love to get one. I says, here you go. I hand them it. This is my story right here. My son Weston was born on Groundhogs Day, February 2, 1998. And his sister Emily was born perfect on September 14, 1999. Both were born perfect with zero issues. Both suffered permanent and irreversible neurological damage from the you know what. Weston is now 23. Well, now he’s 25. Shows you. I’ve been giving these out for a couple of years. Actually, longer than that. This is my newest one. This is the best one. And intellectually functions at a three to four year old level and is completely deaf. Emily is now 21. Well, now she’s 23. She functions at a seven to eight year old level, and both require 24/7 care and will for the rest of your lives. I says, Please investigate before you what? Don’t listen to doctors and governments. Who make billions telling you vaccines are “safe and effective” Oh, don’t want to say that the shots are safe and effective. It’ll change your life. One shot. So anyway, I give the lady, she’s my age inside and she read it. She says. Oh, I know. We all know. That was what she said. We talk about it all the time. And she says, one shot can destroy your life. This is mainstream people out there, folks. We need to turn this up. If you can, you can go to my website I’m a little bit behind. You can find the files and print the cards for free. And you just give them to people. Man there’s no adverse reactions anymore. People are so awakened to the fact of this eugenical shot program that’s been going on since the beginning of time, and it’s going to keep on keeping on. So anyway, I’m going to wrap this up. Just a couple trying to reconnect. No, this one’s connecting. I got two cameras going, but I’m not going to let in my lifetime, RFK Jr. Get elected without a fight me. Because this is who I have on my side. And there’s a new couple of new websites. I’m going to go ahead and have to get on this other one. A couple of new websites. my telegrams. I’m getting a new Rumble account. A lot of things are happening. I got to finish this other one. I got a Facebook Live over here. Probably nobody’s going to see it. So anyway, I’ll put this up on my website and I’ll wrap it up with that. Be proactive. Folks, this is exciting times we live in. And our time is short on this world.

No matter who you are, no matter how long you’re going to live, one day equals 1000 years in the lifetime and the reality of God. And I’m a Christian. I believe in the Bible. You can sit and debate it. Do I believe that the Bible is accurate? Well, it was very accurate until mankind got in there and started rewriting it with all these shysters. That’s the way it goes. But it is the inspired word of God, it’s just been altered a little bit.

So let God into your heart and let him into your mind, and he will dictate your thoughts and lead your path. It’s real simple. And if you don’t want to believe it, I’m good with that. I’m not a preacher, I’m not here to save you! So anyway, take care, God bless, adiós.

Monetizing Misery – Part One – It’s almost time to say goodbye…

This is the first part in my “Monetizing Misery” video series, where I go over what has driven me over the last half of a decade and how I discovered that “Knowledge is Power and Truth is Freedom” and the fact that nothing else matters. For more truth, visit my website at

00:00:13:02 – 00:00:38:15
Greg Wyatt
Everybody. For those of you that don’t know, my name is Greg Wyatt. I’ve been around for a long time talking about a lot of things, and today I’m kind of winding things down. Not kind of. I am. In the next couple of months, I’ll have finished my mission for whatever it was worth, and be moving on at the age of 67.

00:00:38:16 – 00:01:19:06
Greg Wyatt
Who would have ever thought this is my swan song and kind of give you a an idea what the meaning of the word swan song is. I’ve always found it kind of interesting a person’s final public performance or profession or activity before retirement. At some point in your life you get to the realization that you’ve done pretty much everything that you could do to bring in truth in people’s lives in a way that’s factual, honest and understandable.

00:01:20:08 – 00:01:56:08
Greg Wyatt
But I believe today that that truth is not a popular thing to promote. Lies and deception and are much easier to have people believe because the cognitive dissonance in this world is so overwhelming that people can’t see where the lies stop and where the truth begins. Well, I want to assure you that in my life I have done my very best to promote that truth and honesty.

00:01:57:02 – 00:02:23:27
Greg Wyatt
Have I been perfect? Does anybody know? But I’d say honestly, 99% of the time I’ve been able to accomplish my goal. I’ve got some things going on in my life that I’m going to share with you that I’ve never shared before. As many of you have noticed that I no longer do as many videos as I used to.

00:02:23:27 – 00:02:51:02
Greg Wyatt
I used to do thousands and thousands of videos driving in the car, talking about a myriad of different subjects that you could say, I’m an expert at. It’s just not easy for me to do anymore because I’ve got something going on and I want to share it with you and you can write this down and look it up for yourself.

00:02:53:05 – 00:03:24:15
Greg Wyatt
About six years ago, I had a seizure at 6:00 in the afternoon. I became very tired while watching TV with my wife and kids, and my wife said, Lay down and take a nap. That was at 6:00. By 8:00, I was still asleep and Joyce woke me up. Greg, Greg, you have to get up. You can’t sleep all night.

00:03:26:02 – 00:03:52:17
Greg Wyatt
Well, I sat up fairly fast and I fell forward off the bed. I had no sense of bearing and it was very scary. I didn’t know what was going on. So I attempted to get up and I fell to the right side. And then I fell to the left side and it dissipated for a little bit. And of course, wanting to, you know, Greg, go out and walk, take the dog out for a walk.

00:03:52:24 – 00:04:22:26
Greg Wyatt
I got up, could barely make it outside, made it to the sidewalk and said, I can’t do this. I’m not going to make it back. So I stumbled back in, laid back down. And for the next several days I felt like I’d never felt before. I felt feeble minded. I felt like I had Alzheimer’s. I felt like I had autism.

00:04:22:26 – 00:04:53:17
Greg Wyatt
And I thought for a minute, maybe that’s the way my son felt the first 18 months of his life when he tried to walk and would just fall down because he was so dizzy that he couldn’t. What caused that, I wonder? That’s left for another story. So after about four days, five days, I started feeling a little bit better.

00:04:53:17 – 00:05:20:15
Greg Wyatt
I couldn’t drive at all. I felt like somebody was going to hit me. I felt like something bad was going to happen to me. I didn’t feel sure of myself. And believe me, when your brain quits working, it is the most scariest thing that you can ever imagine. Well, that was six days before the event at the CDC.

00:05:21:26 – 00:06:06:04
Greg Wyatt
I believe the CDC was the 16th of October, and of course, I was ready to cancel it, canceled even going there, period. But I started feeling better and feeling better. And I said, yeah, I can drive to the airport after five days, not feeling 100%, but I made it there. I’d made arrangements to take a friend, Sarah, a good friend of mine that was involved in the anti-vaccine movement, like so many of us were, we were so passionate, so driven, and we just had to go there.

00:06:06:09 – 00:06:43:14
Greg Wyatt
Problem was, Sarah didn’t have any money. I told her I’d buy her her ticket and I did. She brought her son and I remember going on the plane, had my our vaccine safe shirts on cards ready to hand out, ready to make a difference in changing the world. We got off the plane so proud, so proud. I’d reached what I was looking for.

00:06:47:08 – 00:07:21:08
Greg Wyatt
And we got to the CDC, we got to the hotel, and I walked in there was a lot of vaccine, injured families, tons of them, because that’s what they recruited. They wanted to make a big, big spiel. I thought, great, bring us all together. So I walked in and everybody was 90% of the people are Craig Wyatt, Greg, Greg, Greg Weston, Emily’s dad, Weston and Emily’s dad.

00:07:21:29 – 00:08:07:23
Greg Wyatt
And you know what? I felt like a rock star. I go, What did I do to deserve this? Well, you know, for the last how many years? Three or four years. I spent hours and hours and hours sharing Weston and Emily’s story on Facebook. After I found out by being on Facebook that that’s there were a lot of families with vaccine injured children that wanted to tell their stories, that wanted someone else that could understand what they had gone through, the utter hell that they had gone through for years and years and some only months, some only weeks.

00:08:08:19 – 00:08:38:04
Greg Wyatt
But it’s all the same. So I need to back up where I was when I talked about the swan song, because a lot of people are going to want to know, Hey, what is going on? Well, as you can see, I’m talking fairly cohesive. It’s very, very difficult for me to compartmentalize my thoughts and do the things on a level that I used to do is very, very difficult.

00:08:38:27 – 00:09:11:17
Greg Wyatt
I don’t know what is exactly causing it, what caused it, but they call it a vascular insufficiency is what caused it. It’s infarction, it’s a misfiring of the mind. And if you go in and you get see a neurosurgeon and they take a scan of your brain, as you get older, your brain shrinks. That’s normal and you get white matter.

00:09:13:05 – 00:09:58:21
Greg Wyatt
And some people’s brains shrink faster than others. Some people don’t shrink as much, but there’s also these infarctions that they’re discovering out of nowhere at such a high, high level. That is it’s astounding. And there are little misfires, electronic misfires, and they can actually see them in your mind. And I believe that being around wi fi, being on the Internet, being on cell phones only extrapolates this situation and makes it much, much worse and accelerated.

00:09:59:20 – 00:10:40:05
Greg Wyatt
That’s why we have the very, very high level of Alzheimer’s and dementia that we do today. It’s at a level that is catastrophic. Okay. So back to the CDC here. I was at the CDC, there was the VAX bus. Oh, my God. I couldn’t believe it. I arrived it seemed like just a few months before the VAX bus was in Phenix in May, and we got to sign our names, Weston and Emily, and got numbers like, seemed like Auschwitz almost.

00:10:41:21 – 00:11:15:15
Greg Wyatt
It seemed very a natural and there wasn’t a whole lot of people there at Paradise Valley, but the VAX bus pulled in and had quite a following. But there was still only a couple hundred people, still only a couple hundred people. But then the celebrities came out. Del Bigtree, who I worshiped, I mean, he I mean, I was Del Big Tres, greatest fan under audibly.

00:11:16:29 – 00:11:34:12
Greg Wyatt
I promoted that movie and what I was doing to bring awareness to the people nonstop, virtually 12 hours a day, seven days a week for the next year.

00:11:36:13 – 00:12:17:12
Greg Wyatt
It was my commitment. I was like a soldier going off to war. And I really thought that I could help change the world, not knowing exactly where everything that was laid out was meant to be. So back to the CDC. There’s the VAX bus. I walk in here, Sheila, Eli and Polly told me. And of course, Del, I wasn’t aware he didn’t travel with the bus because he only would take flights, first class flights, which made it very convenient.

00:12:20:22 – 00:12:57:13
Greg Wyatt
And Sheila E Lee and I hit it off like old friends that hadn’t seen each other for decades. She says, Greg, Why? Greg? Why? Let me give you a hug. She was a good person, I believe. I don’t know what happened to her. I think she got caught up along with poorly and she says, Greg says, I’ve been following you and your kids since 2008.

00:12:58:25 – 00:13:23:01
Greg Wyatt
I remember the first time I seen you and I remember her telling me this because it made me feel good here. This person in the movie Vaxxed is making me an idol, a hero, which I’m not. She says, I seen you and your kids and she said, I ask myself, I cried out to God, Who is this man?

00:13:25:01 – 00:14:24:21
Greg Wyatt
Because she found hope. She was no longer alone. And that made me feel like a lot of the work that I’ve done. Maybe I didn’t see it, but maybe it did have a profound impact on people. So I sat in the bus most of the afternoon just mesmerized on what was going on around me. Parents were outside signing the bus, bringing their disabled, bringing their disabled and injured children to become a part of history.

00:14:25:23 – 00:14:57:18
Greg Wyatt
What we thought was history turned out to be much something much more different, different. And then they had the events, then the speakers. And again, these events and these speakers are pretty much the same events and the speakers that go on today, it’s like it’s became a circuit, a syndicate, a cult, not just in that area, but in many others.

00:15:00:12 – 00:15:33:03
Greg Wyatt
So they had their little breakout sessions and an outside it was a carnival. It was a carnival. Most of that morning leading up to that point, it was I’ll never forget getting off my Uber at ten in the morning. Backing up a little bit, there was the Muslim Brotherhood and all these people from Scientology and all the anti-vaxxers.

00:15:33:03 – 00:16:31:18
Greg Wyatt
We were all melded into one big pot and I thought, My God, the Muslim Brotherhood, if you’ve ever seen them, they’re a very well nicely dressed, well-heeled black people. The four very classy, and they’re banging drums and clanging cymbals and tooting horns. And it was like a carnival. And then the next thing you know, there’s still Del Bigtree, the leader of the pack, the whole person that was responsible solely for what was going on, or at least so we thought, well, Del walks up, they have a little stage set up and he’s a rock star.

00:16:33:25 – 00:16:55:21
Greg Wyatt
And I thought to myself, My God, what can I do to be a part of this? What can I do? What more can I do? I need to get closer to Del. I need to get closer to Pauly. I need to get closer to Sheila. I needed to get closer to Josh. And you know what I did? I did.

00:16:58:01 – 00:17:37:16
Greg Wyatt
And it felt great. But I found that the closer I got to them, with the exception of one or two, the more I was pushed away. And I couldn’t really believe it. I asked myself why? Why would they take a guy like me that had a heart of gold, two vaccine, injured kids and totally disconnect from him while bringing in people like Forest Moretti.

00:17:39:16 – 00:18:19:24
Greg Wyatt
For those of you that don’t remember Forest. Forest, I found out later, was brought in by the people of Axtell. Big Tree was paid like many couple grand a month to keep things even keeled for their side of the team. I was not part of that team and I started, you know, just noticing things I didn’t want to notice a lot.

00:18:20:23 – 00:18:58:29
Greg Wyatt
I just didn’t want. But things didn’t make sense. And as time went on, this was October 2000 16th November 2000 16th December 2016. Things really became a little bit hard to follow. What was the purpose? I just want to point out too, that this is just part a small part of the beginning of what I’m doing with telling my story.

00:18:59:09 – 00:19:38:14
Greg Wyatt
This is like a dry run. This is not the finished product. With that being said, I’ll go back to that day. April 1st, 2016. The news broke. There was a movie out called Vaxxed and it was about a whistleblower at the CDC that was coming clean and monumental mind your mental. We all know about the 1986 Vaccine Injury Protection Act that gave vaccine companies liability free products, which they of course, took and run with.

00:19:38:14 – 00:20:21:24
Greg Wyatt
And now we have this movie called Vaxxed. The producers names Dell Big Tree and I went and seen the movie. And their premise of that whole movie was a couple of things. One, they were going to subpoena William Thompson to appear in front of Congress to create political clout to overturn the 1986 Vaccine Injury Protection Act. And last but not least, break up the MMR into three shots.

00:20:22:03 – 00:21:03:04
Greg Wyatt
I want you to focus on that. It went over everyone’s heads, so it was pro-vaccine. Let me say this. All vaccines cause damage and I didn’t realize it back then. I didn’t know so much back then. I was just kind of a parent, a vaccine injury, kids, two of them. It was under a lot of pressure that wanted to change the world and was looking at a way to do it.

00:21:03:14 – 00:21:40:21
Greg Wyatt
And then here this movie Vaxxed comes along. What an opportunity. So I went back and I don’t know if you guys remember these. Is anybody remember these? This was my mission. Are vaccines safe, stored? This is what I did. This was part of my sales and marketing program, for lack of a better word. I had always been a master sales marketer, salesman, marketer, and I could change people’s minds.

00:21:41:01 – 00:22:22:09
Greg Wyatt
And I did. I changed millions of people’s minds personally, and I seem like the only father out there because most of them had been silenced at some point. It’s hard to get in when you’re competing against nefarious individuals. My other draw to Vaxxed was this right here, the Autism Trust. After all, where are all of these kids going to go signing their names on the bus once the parents get old?

00:22:22:09 – 00:22:55:14
Greg Wyatt
Another ten years goes by. Where are they going to go? So Dell, big Tres partner, Polly. Tommy had an answer for that, although they didn’t promoted as such in-your-face, it was just kind of unspoken that, well, all you need to do is listen to Polly. They were building an autism trust for all the kids to go to. And I thought, that’s where I want Weston and Emily to go.

00:22:56:17 – 00:23:31:21
Greg Wyatt
Joyce and I had talked about it. Of course, you got to put your property in a trust, and we were a few years away. But if you speed things up, the plans that are in this book are really quite lofty, and none of them ever happened. And of course, these are nonprofits and these are charities that are taking in massive amounts of money, and no one really knows where the money’s going.

00:23:34:13 – 00:24:06:07
Greg Wyatt
And I thought, Wow, I got the movie vaccine, I got the Autism Trust. I actually wanted to help Polly raise money in any specific way that would be appropriate for her to obtain her goals. And again, silence pushed me away. And it was early on. I didn’t think real hard about it, but something just didn’t make sense. Something about the whole thing didn’t make sense.

00:24:07:08 – 00:24:49:17
Greg Wyatt
If you take away the emotions and you look at the reality, there’s something that just doesn’t make sense. Well, fast forward now. I think there’s less than a handful of residents that live there, and they are children of the people that are friends with these people. How convenient. How convenient. So what was it set up to do? I mean, provide never ending income and jobs for people and not really change anything.

00:24:50:06 – 00:25:39:18
Greg Wyatt
Just keep playing it over and over and over. It’s like a traveling circus. Follow the circuit, create movies, create events, and accomplish little to nothing. This has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life right here, because I have to relive the nefarious ness of the situation involved. And most of you can do your own research and look at the people involved.

00:25:40:01 – 00:26:14:08
Greg Wyatt
And if that does not resonate with you, then it’s too late for you to understand truth and reality. This is too close. I mean, honestly, this hurts because I really look at the fact I believe the fact and I hate to say it, I hate to ask the question, did I waste five years of my life pursuing the wrong thing?

00:26:16:09 – 00:26:58:25
Greg Wyatt
The problem was I didn’t understand it at the very beginning. And by the time I started uncovering the truth, it was just simply too late. You can read my blog at Greg Wyatt Dot net. My last swan song is Finding Forgiveness. The hardest thing that I have ever had to do was to find forgiveness for these people and what they’ve done.

00:27:00:22 – 00:27:44:11
Greg Wyatt
Have I found it today? I’m trying. I’m closer than I’ve ever been before. But when you’re talking when you’re talking about your kids lives, when you’re talking about death and destruction and disability, when you’re talking your dreams that have just been shattered, when you’re talking about people that monetize misery for their own personal gain, for their own nonprofits, for their own charities, for their own events that never, never, never stop.

00:27:45:22 – 00:27:58:27
Greg Wyatt
I challenge you to listen to what I say and dig real hard. Go to Greg Wyatt dot net and look for yourself, and then you can make the decision what you want to believe.

Greg Wyatt – My Swan Song – The True Story of Two Fathers

On September 9, 1954, I was conceived in secret by an anonymous sperm donor, to replace the sperm of a man who was sterilized and deemed unfit to propagate his own offspring and have a family. My parents were told never to tell me the truth of my conception. Almost 40 years later, my mother broke the silence, and told me the truth… a truth that would change my life, and many others forever.

00:00:12:27 – 00:00:49:21
We all have a story and our stories are vastly different. Some people’s stories are utterly fascinating and other peoples are not so much. But I want to share with you my story. My story of monetizing misery and how the monetization of misery started way, way, way back before I was conceived and still goes on strong today. We all have a father and a mother.

00:00:50:19 – 00:01:21:21
We all have a beginning and an end. And in between that time is when a lot of things get really, really interesting and a lot of things you never know about. I’m just going to share some things with you that will blow your mind. It certainly has mine. This is the story of two fathers. I’m going to start way, way back when it this my father, Herbert Wyatt.

00:01:22:22 – 00:02:04:06
This is my father. We crunchy. Two men that had a lot to do with the conception and the existence of myself. Herbert Wyatt was born in 1924. He was a very, very poor child. He ended up getting in a little bit of trouble. And under Buck versus Bell, the 1924 Supreme Court ruling, which permitted the United States government under the federal court system to enact state laws that enabled the states to come in and to take your child yourself, whatever they wanted to.

00:02:04:07 – 00:02:36:27
Deemed unfit, a.k.a.. Margaret Sanger, the founder of abortion and put them in a state run work farm indefinitely and work as forced labor for the rest of their lives. Most of these towns were in smaller towns scattered throughout the Midwest and the East Coast, some in the West Coast. But a lot of them were making munitions for World War Two, and they were looking for really, really inexpensive help.

00:02:37:21 – 00:03:14:27
Employees forced labor. That’s the story of Herbert Wyatt. He was in there from 1920. Oh, my gosh. 1934 until 1949. For a long, long time. In the meantime, across the world, there was another guy named Weeb Croce. Weeb Croce was my genetic provider. That’s where I get my blond hair. That’s where I get my everything genetically that I could inherit.

00:03:14:27 – 00:03:41:13
I inherited from him. He was a gentleman that was born in 1922. He fought in the Dutch resistance. He was captured at the end of World War Two. He was put in a Nazi concentration camp and got out. Thank God. A few short months later, when the war came to an end, he sat in line for seven years waiting to immigrate to the United States.

00:03:41:22 – 00:04:15:13
Immigration was a serious thing back then. It wasn’t like climbing a wall, but it is today. Well, he got over to the United States, went to graduate school, became a doctor, got his doctorate, taught 31 years of Virginia Tech. So here’s my two fathers. I have Wiebe and I have Herbert. What was really interesting is that both of these guys in 1944 were in concentration camps simultaneously at the same exact time.

00:04:16:02 – 00:04:46:23
One of them was in Beatrice, Nebraska, a home for feeble minded youth where my father, Herbert Wyatt, was put in, I feel, illegally or unconstitutionally, and forced to labor at no charge. My other father, Wiebe Croce, was in a concentration camp sponsored by Nazi Germany over in Germany, where he was forced to do things that he may not have wanted to do.

00:04:46:23 – 00:05:22:08
But what is incredible is both of my fathers were in concentration camps exactly at the same time. One in the United States and one in Germany. I didn’t find out the truth until June 8th, 1983, at the age of 28. My life up to that point had made no sense whatsoever. I was genetically bewildered. I was confused. I’d look at my dad, five foot two.

00:05:22:08 – 00:05:52:10
I’d look at myself, six foot one, blond hair. He had dark complexion and I thought, Somebody is lying to me. I was adopted. I knew it all along. I had two adopted sisters, Koreans. My parents had to adopt to have a family after having me through artificial insemination because the state of Nebraska deemed him unfit to have children fathered by his own sperm.

00:05:53:00 – 00:06:29:21
And they made sure that wouldn’t happen. But this also had a profound effect on me growing up. It had a profound effect on my sisters growing up. And of course, you can only understand, perhaps if you try hard, how my father, Herbert Wyatt, even survived the crazy house and the crazy situation. I will say this that if there was a man that was should have never been incarcerated or sterilized or put in forced labor, it was my father, Herbert Wyatt.

00:06:30:10 – 00:06:54:24
He probably was one of the most abused human beings that you could ever imagine. Now, this guy never had a bad word to say. Herbert Wyatt never had a bad word to say. He never had a cuss word to say. And he always called me his boy, even though he knew he could never have a kid. And in fact, I wasn’t his son.

00:06:56:12 – 00:07:28:00
That’s my boy. That’s my boy. And it wasn’t till I got older and noticed the vast differences in him and myself. I had an IQ measured at the University of Nebraska at 164, and he was illiterate and couldn’t read and couldn’t write. And it made me wonder what is happening? What’s what are they hiding? So when I found out the truth in 1983, I set out to find out who this guy was.

00:07:28:00 – 00:07:51:15
My mom sat me down. I was in a drug treatment center 1983 for smoking pot. It was more of a it was a more of a country club, a vacation. I wasn’t really addicted. I just wanted a break from my job. So when she sat down with an orderly and says, Greg, I have something to tell you. I said, What?

00:07:51:16 – 00:08:05:10
I knew it, Mom, I’m adopted. And she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, No, Greg, you’re not adopted. I gave birth to you. But your father is not your father.

00:08:08:19 – 00:08:37:20
I go, Whoa, What happened? I thought maybe, you know, what? Did you have an affair? And she said, No, you were created through artificial insemination. And up to that point, I had never, ever heard of that word. Never even thought of it. And I remember the very first answer question that I asked her was, Well, who is my father?

00:08:39:19 – 00:09:09:28
And she said, I’m sorry, Greg, but you’ll never be able to find out. It was done in secret and the records were destroyed. Come to find out later. The records weren’t destroyed, but I didn’t know it at the time. And I left somewhat dejected. And I wondered. I looked at myself. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I go, Who are you?

00:09:10:24 – 00:09:37:18
Where did you come from? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do they feel the same way that you do? And I became more and more confused as the days went by. Obsessed with the thought. Who’s my father? Do I have any brothers or sisters? Over and over and over. I couldn’t get it off my mind.

00:09:40:15 – 00:10:14:12
The next thing I had to do was to see if my mother’s baby doctor, pediatrician was still alive. So I go back to Lincoln, Nebraska. So I decided to look up in the telephone book, Dr. Samuel Thurston. And sure enough, there was a listing. I got on the phone and I called, and a little old lady answered. It was his wife.

00:10:15:29 – 00:10:48:05
It was actually his assistant. She was his midwife for almost 50 years. And all these deliveries. And I said to Dr. Thurston and she says, Yes, just a minute. Somebody answers the phone. Hello? I said, Dr. Third Stein. He goes, Yes. And I said, Hi, this is Greg Wyatt. Do you remember me? He instantly remembered me. He said, Oh, Betty Wyatt, son.

00:10:48:28 – 00:11:17:17
I said, Yeah, you remember. Great. How are you doing? He says, Well, I’m doing okay. How are you? I’m little pleasantries. Time went on and I said to him over the phone, I didn’t want to waste time. And I said, Dr. Thurston, Mom told me how I was conceived. Silence on the phone for a little bit. And then I interjected, and I said, I’m.

00:11:17:18 – 00:11:20:04
I want to know who my father is.

00:11:23:28 – 00:11:53:14
He said, Well, you can come over and we can talk. So I drove over, nervous, thinking this was the only chance that I ever have. I knocked at the door. His wife answered. They’re both in their eighties now. I said. Hi, I’m Greg, says. Oh, Greg Wyatt. And she tapped me on the head like a little like I was a little kid and says, Come on, Sam’s in the back.

00:11:55:13 – 00:12:21:08
And she took me in the back. And there on the hospital bed, lay this dying man. I said, Sam, Dr. Thurston, what’s going on? He said, Oh, it’s no big thing. I got this stupid cancer that won’t go away. But I’m feeling pretty good. Thank God you’re still alive.

00:12:23:14 – 00:12:55:25
Few pleasantries later. I said, Doctor, third time. I want you to give me that. If you would, sir. Give me the name of the person that donated his sperm. My biological father. And I said, I want you to put yourself into my shoes. And if you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you be here asking these exact same questions with the exact same curiosity, wanting to know who that man was?

00:12:58:19 – 00:13:31:04
And he shook his head up and down real slowly, summoned his wife into the room, said, Honey would you go down to the basement and get the Wyatt file? My heart skipped a beat in the basement. The Wyatt file. 5 minutes later, she was back up the stairs, gave the file to him, and he says, Yeah, we have all those files down there.

00:13:31:04 – 00:13:58:14
They’ve been there some of them, for up to 50 years, and we just keep them. The state won’t let the slaves get rid of them, so they’re just down in the basement, all organized. And I’m thinking I’ve got brothers and sisters in those files, too. Well, back to the task of finding my father first. So he opens the the yellow manila envelope so musty.

00:13:59:13 – 00:14:30:06
And he looks at it and he goes, kw kw, I go KW. He says, Well, that’s how we coded it in. I can remember this donor. We use the lot of donors. I know a lot of donors. What? And this gentleman. I really remember him because he was personal family, friends with my wife and myself. And I asked him, I says, Well, what was he like?

00:14:31:12 – 00:14:55:25
And I’ll never forget, he said he dress sharp as a tack. And he said he was a real jovial fella, real happy and outgoing. And he said he could put one over on you if he chose to do it. And I thought, okay. I says, KW. He says, Well, we inverted the initials. We were crunchy. No shoes. What was that name?

00:14:55:28 – 00:15:20:04
He says, we were crunchy. And I go. I said, Can I get a piece of paper and pencil and write it down? Because I knew I would forget. And then my fate would be sealed forever. And I asked him how to spell it, and I wrote it down on a piece of paper, calmly put it in my shirt pocket and continued our conversation, which was amazing.

00:15:23:04 – 00:16:08:24
For the next year, I carried that piece of paper in my billfold, too scared to make a move and to try to contact him because what I was doing was really a gray area without breaking the law. Did I deserve this information? Perhaps I didn’t. I was facing a real world conflict within my mind. Well, after a year, I decided that I was going to take the next plunge, and I returned to the doctor’s office because now I had the doctor’s location is address phone number.

00:16:09:15 – 00:16:32:16
I have a relationship with him. I know where the where the files are. And how many brothers or sisters do I have. You have to remember, I have two adopted sisters. I always wanted a genetic counterpart of a brother of a male. After all, they sterilized my dad. I have two sisters. Wouldn’t it be nice to find another Greg Wyatt?

00:16:32:16 – 00:17:05:06
That’s all I wanted. That is all I wanted. So I went back to the doctor, the house doctor Thurston’s house, and knocked on the door unannounced. And his wife answered. And I said, Hi, Mrs. Thurston, it’s Greg, because she couldn’t hardly see she was going blind. And I just wanted to talk to Sam. We’re on a first name basis now.

00:17:05:27 – 00:17:43:20
And she says, Oh, Greg, I’m so sorry. Sam passed away last week. My opportunity was gone. My opportunity was gone. But then I remembered she was the one that went down and got the records. Was she willing to get go through tens of thousands of well documented records looking for. KW Because on all those birth records for the same basic two or three year period.

00:17:44:12 – 00:18:09:00
KW Of course not. She wouldn’t do that. So I said to her, I same thing I said to her husband, I’m looking for my brothers and sisters. My lost family. Don’t I deserve it? I said, I know where the records are. I won’t cause any problems. I do not want to cause any problems. I do not want to bother anybody.

00:18:11:05 – 00:18:14:16
Would you let me go down there and search those records, please?

00:18:18:13 – 00:19:00:29
And she thought about it, said, I understand. That’ll be fine. The adrenaline rush was overwhelming, absolutely overwhelming. And for the next week, for the next week, I spent most of the day from morning sunrise to dusk in that basement, that garage built under the house with all of these records, all by myself. And it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

00:19:00:29 – 00:19:30:01
I was it was so quiet. And there’s 50,000 babies that were now in the adult stages of their existence. Do they know? I wondered. Do they know? Because back then, you got to remember, in 1983, sperm donation was hush hush. Now, every sperm donor is having millions of kids or lots of kids. They’re putting it on the Internet.

00:19:30:01 – 00:19:55:25
They’re having family reunions with the guy that’s donating his sperm to 30 women and there’s 20 kids. How cool is that? That is. Am I against artificial insemination? Absolutely not. But back then, they did it a lot different. You were told not to tell ever life. It was something really, really dirty. It was something that wasn’t talked about.

00:19:56:18 – 00:20:27:16
And many of the recipients, like my father, Herbert Wyatt, was sterilized under Buck versus Bell and unable to have their own children. So I went down there for, you know, a week, two weeks, I don’t even remember. And I wrote the names and numbers on the cards. It took me about four days to find the first one. Then I found another one the second day.

00:20:27:16 – 00:20:54:27
And during this whole time, my mother knew what I was doing and backed me up 100%. And I come home and I say, Mom, I found one. And she says, Who’d you find, honey? And I gave the name, says, Well, good for you. I hope it helps. By the time I was done, I found five biological half sisters.

00:20:56:00 – 00:21:31:25
So I found the first name, carefully documented everything. The name of the parents, the birth date, everything that I could transpire on that card. And after a couple of weeks, I had five of them, which included the donor’s wife, the donor, the donor’s wife. Doctor Croce’s wife, of course, had their own child, one child. And I found that to be very fascinating, Five daughters.

00:21:31:25 – 00:22:11:25
And all I wanted was a brother. Well, I carried those cards with me for a long time. And remember, there’s no Internet, Everything takes a long time. Remember the Rolodex? The card file? I found my father weed crunchy without the internet. I was somewhat of a detective, to say the least. Now, I had five other sisters to do detective work and find, and I didn’t want to disturb them because what if they didn’t know?

00:22:12:14 – 00:22:35:24
That was the. That was the real quality. What if they didn’t know? What if they wouldn’t want to know? What if it would be so shocking? It would send them into a limbic frenzy? Should I even be doing what I’m doing? Maybe I’m just being, you know, really, really self-centered to want this information myself. But this information was on myself.

00:22:39:08 – 00:23:12:23
So for the next five years, I’ll just get to the point. I had one sister that well, two that opened me. They opened their arms to me and we were all almost identically the same. It was weird meeting my flesh and blood for half of my flesh and blood. And the first name person’s name was Christy. And I remember taking Christie’s card to my mother.

00:23:13:15 – 00:23:50:16
And my mom goes, Christy, so-and-so. Christy Oh, I said, Yeah. Christy Oh, says Greg, I have a picture of you guys playing together. Your father and my friend’s husband were friends. They were at the Beatrice State home together. They were sterilized at the same time. She went to Dr. Thurston, and I went to Dr. Stein. You guys were born a week apart.

00:23:53:05 – 00:24:22:16
And I shared this information with Christy. And Christy verified it with her mother. Her father was long dead, and she was as excited as I was. We got along great. We talked on the phone for hours. But there was one problem we weren’t figuring on, and that was her husband. Her husband became very jealous over our situation, like we were going to start dating or something.

00:24:23:03 – 00:24:48:13
We just got along so great. I was so happy. She had three kids. Those were my nieces and nephews. I had a family. Even though I had a family I was happy with. I mean, we all want a bigger family. And it was it was a match made in heaven. And then I got the call from her that my husband doesn’t want us to talk anymore.

00:24:48:28 – 00:24:57:27
He doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Click. No rebuttal, no nothing.

00:25:02:12 – 00:25:33:06
I had failed. What did I do wrong again? Six months later, another card comes up. Then you have to remember you just can’t find these people automatically. And this one girl, the gal that I met, I called her up on the phone and see, I was already breaking my rules. I said her name was Cindy. That’s all I can say.

00:25:33:25 – 00:26:01:09
I said, Hi, Cindy, this is Greg Wyatt. I was born in 1955, and you were born in 1955. And I have reason to believe that you are my sister. And she was cool. She says, What is this, a crack? Is this a joke? I said, No, no, Cindy. I said, I really believe that you’re my biological half sister.

00:26:01:09 – 00:26:55:01
And I would encourage you to ask your mom. We had a nice talk. I ended it. And a week later I get a call from Cindy and she’s almost laughing nervously and she says, Well, I guess you’re right. When would you like to meet? I says, Well, whenever is convenient for you. She came over and met me and my mother, and she was the most incredible human being, a person that I wished I could have been, person that was raised on a higher level of wealth.

00:26:56:11 – 00:27:33:22
I was raised poor and in poverty, and she was so cool. Make a long story short, where is she today? This is incredible. She is. And I’m not extrapolating. She is exaggerating. She is one of the top romance writers, contemporary romance writers in the world. She’s written 67 novels, has a huge following, and is just got a perfect life.

00:27:38:08 – 00:28:22:20
And I’m very, very happy for that. I used to exchange cards and nuances with her and then, you know, you get older and the only thing you have in common is blood. There’s been nothing there, no family events, no nieces, nephews, no births, no anniversaries. And we grew apart. One of the things I want to point out is when I found out June 8th, 1983, previous to a lot of the searching that went on, my dad was still alive.

00:28:24:10 – 00:28:55:24
And it wasn’t because I was looking to find a new dad. I just wanted to find out what was taken from me. June 8th, 1983, I found out my father, Herbert Wyatt, died Thanksgiving Day, 1983, less than a half a year later. I’ll never forget looking at my dad, knowing what I knew. He had had a series of strokes.

00:28:55:24 – 00:29:11:08
He wasn’t in good shape himself at the time, and he’d be sitting in the chair in the sunlight, cascading down on him. And I’d look at him with a special appreciation that I never, ever would have had had I not known the truth.

00:29:14:12 – 00:29:28:24
I never told my father that I found out he wasn’t my dad because to him, I always was his son.

Greg Wyatt – Monetizing Misery – VAXXED

On April 1, 2016, the movie VAXXED was released, giving hope to the parents of chemically injured children from the rituals of vaccinations. For the first time, we felt that finally change would take place. For the last several years thousands of us parents converged on social media using Facebook and YouTube to connect and share our our tragic stories. I was one of those parents. I had two vaccine injured children named Weston and Emily. In 2013, I discovered the first few of those groups and joined. I was utterly shocked at the number of families that had been affected.I was also shocked to find that 90% of those participating were single moms that had been separated or divorced and left to fend on their own. Over the next year, I started a public awareness campaign and formed my first organization titled, “The Vaccine Truth Movement.” It was my goal to spare others from the same fate by sharing my tragic story. Every day, dozens of parents contacted me to share similar stories.
I decided to forgo early retirement and dedicate the last years of my working life to this mission. I formed dozens and dozens of parent’s groups on Facebook and organize the grassroots operation to spread the message throughout the United States, and the world. I was interviewed on dozens of Internet talk shows, telling the story of my kids and describing what I wanted to accomplish over the next several years. I moved from a simple organization called “The Vaccine Truth Movement” using it as a springboard to my newer “” mission. It quickly became a recognized movement and got everyone’s attention. I was relieved that there were others who would help us change the world. However, a year into the process I could see that things we’re not the way that they were portrayed and begin to question who, what, when and where. This video segment is the story of my dealing with those behind the movie VAXXED.

Greg Wyatt – Monetizing Misery – VAXXED (Version 2)

The Real Truth about the movie VaxXed and what they don’t want you to know!

Greg Wyatt – THE EARLY YEARS (Uncut Pre-Release)

Over the last several years my health has been deteriorating mysteriously. I have lost majority of my strength throughout my body and it is becoming more difficult to do the things that I used to take for granted. I feel guilty asking for prayers because I know of literally hundreds of my friends that I have made relationships with here since the AV movement are now in worse shape than me as these population control measures are put in full swing.
This is a raw video of me telling my story of my early years who I am and how I got there. I think it can give you some good insight on what I was capable of.
I was so excited when the movie VaXxed was released April 1st 2016 as I believed it would give the momentum to change the 1986 law and to end the Carnage that has engulfed not only my lives but millions of others.
After less than a year I could see the whole thing was a construct and now looking back I can see it was sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and whose major players Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, RFK, Polley Tommey, and back further to Barbara Lo Fisher and Jenny McCartney and countless other evil people who assisted in this wholesale slaughter directly and indirectly. Thank you for your support over the years as I wind things down. I wish I could have accomplished more. I can go to sleep at night knowing I have done my best.

00:00:14:09 – 00:00:51:06
Greg Wyatt
A lot of you folks think you know me, but you really don’t know me. And it’s my goal through these videos. As long as I’m alive and I’m long as I’m breathing that you know the most information that’s correct about me, I have had a blessed life. And I’d like to acknowledge the man above my savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for all of the blessing, victories and also defeats that have come my way.

00:00:52:00 – 00:01:24:04
Greg Wyatt
It’s been a very difficult journey. My saying in life is a Bible verse that’s so important through adversity I find strength. Things shouldn’t be quick and easy because if they are, it’s too easy. You don’t learn. You learn through adversity and you find the strength through that. I wanted to talk a little bit about my personal life and my business life and what I’ve done and where I’m going.

00:01:25:25 – 00:02:12:05
Greg Wyatt
Well, here’s my career, my business experience, and it started when I was nine years old. You guys know about my eugenic conception. I was exactly what Adolf Hitler wanted. Blond hair, green eyes, intelligent, outgoing, handsome. That’s debatable, but here I was born in 1955, and I was born into a very, very poor family unknowingly. My real father, my my genetic father was a university professor, and my father raised me into this poor family.

00:02:12:19 – 00:02:49:21
Greg Wyatt
He I will say this. He was a modern day Jesus Christ. He was wounded for my ability to live. He was sterilized and put in a work farm in Beatrice, Nebraska. Enough of that. You can tell it’s important to me. So with this genetic component, that was part of me, my sperm donor father and my mother, who had nothing in common, created quite a bit of paradox within my mind.

00:02:51:16 – 00:03:33:03
Greg Wyatt
I couldn’t figure out where I came from, Why was I the way that I was? My father was a concrete finisher for a common labor who worked 60 hours a week for minimum wage. And like I said, we were very poor, and you could see why. But I wanted the cool things in life. I was a kid. I was ten years old, 11 years old, and I wanted things like candy, bowling, pinball machines, comic books, pop, all this stuff that would make a difference for someone a kid in the 1960s.

00:03:34:21 – 00:04:05:05
Greg Wyatt
Well, in 1964, I kind of got tired of waiting for my nickel and dime allowance. And there was a guy down the street that I noticed and there was a sign and it said Nightcrawlers $0.25 a dozen. And I thought, Night, that’s a good idea. My entrepreneurial mind kicked in and I went down there and talked to him, and I lived in a very, very poor neighborhood.

00:04:05:05 – 00:04:30:09
Greg Wyatt
And it was a mixed race neighborhood. That’s where all the poor white people would live, unfortunately, And all the poor black people lived in this neighborhood in southwest Nebraska, ninth and South. So I decided to ride my bike down there. And he was a good old guy. I knew everybody in the neighborhood. He says, Greg, what do you do?

00:04:30:09 – 00:04:53:28
Greg Wyatt
And I says, What are you doing? And got to remember, I’m like, nine, ten years old. I was, for some reason, just had the acumen for what I was doing. He says, Well, he said, I’m selling worms. I said, Selling words. I says, You sell many, you know. And instead of saying, Do you sell many? I said, How many worms does a place like this sell?

00:04:53:29 – 00:05:16:10
Greg Wyatt
I never asked direct questions. I kind of wanted him to give me the answer, not knowing he was giving me the answer. He says, Well, I do real well. He says, You know, the lakes outside the south of town. He says there’s tons of fishermen that come by here and they need worms. I said, That’s great. I says, Well, where do you get them?

00:05:17:06 – 00:05:44:00
Greg Wyatt
Where do you get those worms? He was so cool. He says, Greg. He said, I’ll tell you. He says, Go out in your backyard with a flashlight about 9:00 at night and shine it in the grass and you’ll see them. I never paid attention to that. And my gosh, he says, you got to be careful. You sneak up on them and then you grab them.

00:05:45:15 – 00:06:12:28
Greg Wyatt
But you can’t pull them because you’ll break them. So what you do is you grab them, pull just a little bit where they’re under stress and then they relax and you can pull them right out of the ground. I go, Wow, I might be able to make some money at this. So that night I went out. The next day I put my sign up Nightcrawlers $0.25 a dozen is Saturday morning.

00:06:12:28 – 00:06:43:17
Greg Wyatt
And I made I sold six dozen worms nightcrawlers for a dollar 50 total. And I had money for those pop bottles. I mean, for pop, you know, candy bowling and pinball. And that was just the beginning of my entrepreneurial career. I knew I had a knack for something. So that was the first thing that I did. That was the first thing I did.

00:06:43:29 – 00:07:10:29
Greg Wyatt
And that expanded because once I had that making money and I had that change in my pocket, guess what? I wanted more. It was only natural. So what I did is I became a door to door salesman at the age of 11. I loved people and people loved me. I was that blond haired kid living in that black neighborhood.

00:07:11:06 – 00:07:42:28
Greg Wyatt
And I never had one problem with those people. Racism did not exist. We were color blind. So I sold all occasion cards in the hot summer to supplement my worm income. Then I decided to sell YMCA Thin Mints. As both of these were door to door operations. That worked out really good. 1965 to 1968, I started a lawn mowing service.

00:07:43:16 – 00:08:06:27
Greg Wyatt
People were going door to door. Sir, can I. Can I mow your lawn? Average lawn was $0.50. Sometimes you get a bigger lawn for a buck or two bucks. $5 lawns didn’t exist, but it was great. Me and my dad did it together. He helped me. He take me and my lawn mower around in the back of his car, in the trunk of his car.

00:08:07:09 – 00:08:34:22
Greg Wyatt
And help me. My dad was the best encouragement of a father Any son could ask for. So the lawn mowing service, my dad would help me. As I mentioned, after he got off working 12 hours a day to help his son. He’d go out with me on Saturdays, and if I remember right, it was about average of about $0.50 per lawn.

00:08:36:07 – 00:08:59:01
Greg Wyatt
And let me back up a little bit further. In 1964, my first real job was for $0.25 an hour. First real job. My dad hung out at this gas station every weekend, which he dragged me with him and he got me my first job for $0.25 would take me about an hour and I clean the bathrooms every Saturday.

00:09:00:11 – 00:09:36:24
Greg Wyatt
Their name, the name was Coffee. Skelley Coffee was their last name. They were a black family, lived around the corner from us and ran that local gas station. Then I decided I need a real job. I’m 12 years old. I need a real job. So I got a newspaper out. I love my newspaper out that went on for a couple of years and afforded me $30 a month in income, delivering about 30 newspapers, which I spend about an hour and 15 minutes.

00:09:37:04 – 00:10:01:08
Greg Wyatt
Things were a lot less then in 1965. Let me back up just a little bit more. What was fun is I would go door to door asking for pop bottles. That was an easy job. There was this little blond haired boy, Sir, is it? Could I take you? Do you have any extra pop bottles laying around that I could take and redeem for you?

00:10:01:08 – 00:10:28:29
Greg Wyatt
Then you don’t have to bother taking them to the store yourself. They knew I was going to keep the $0.02 a bottle, and they liked helping this little blond haired kid with a beautiful smile out. Pop bottles were worth $0.02 redeemable at people. Just let them stack up. Nobody wanted to mess with pop bottles. And again, I knock on the door and say, Hi, my name is Greg.

00:10:29:08 – 00:10:57:29
Greg Wyatt
Do you have any pop bottles I could take into the store and redeem for you? And again, of course, they knew I’d keep the money, but who would turn down a cute little toe haired, blond haired kid with the great smile? Let me tell you, very, very few people. So my entrepreneurial skills were honed in by a lot of success, and I was proud of what I accomplished.

00:10:58:06 – 00:11:23:25
Greg Wyatt
And I wanted to expand on it and keep making money in a good and honest way. 1969, I became a taxpaying citizen as it was required. I became I worked at the Nebraska State Fair. You know, those little trains that go around. I was a conductor that took the tickets on that little train as it went around the state fair.

00:11:24:03 – 00:11:35:17
Greg Wyatt
I thought, Man, this is a great job. It only lasted for two weeks. I cried. I missed that job. Next summer, I tried it again. It was fantastic.

00:11:37:27 – 00:11:59:08
Greg Wyatt
Then after that, I needed another job. I needed some more money. So I got a job in 1970 at Vine Street, Car Wash, when all the muscle cars were out, remember? And everybody had had a muscle car. They wanted to keep it clean, cost $0.50. They’d run it through the car wash. I’d be the window guy. I’d be in all these brand new muscle cars cleaning the windows.

00:11:59:08 – 00:12:30:07
Greg Wyatt
It was like, Holy cow, this is what I want. When I turn 16, I want this barracuda, I want this Malibu. I want all this really cool stuff. I do the inside of the windows and hook it up to the chain and always give them back the keys. Yeah. Now you know why I have notes. This is. This is really in-depth and how I remember all this stuff is I had notes.

00:12:30:07 – 00:12:53:05
Greg Wyatt
To have the notes, I would document my life. Everything that I’ve done in my life, every day I’ve done in my life. It was like a diary of everything I accomplished. Well, after that, I got a job at McDonald’s who hasn’t worked at McDonald’s. I was the sheet man and I was at the bottom of the totem pole.

00:12:53:11 – 00:13:17:07
Greg Wyatt
But it was a lot of fun. They give you a free meal every day. You know, those were $0.69. I was on work study program. So I got to get out of school, which was boring, and go work at McDonald’s, which I thought was really cool. Then in 1971, I quit school. I quit high school. My junior year.

00:13:20:16 – 00:13:46:19
Greg Wyatt
I wanted to help my family out. We didn’t have enough money and I didn’t want to go to school anyway. So it was really a good excuse. Not to go to school. So I got a job at Miss Lee Chevrolet in 1971. Miss Lee Chevrolet. Lincoln, Nebraska is a lot. Boy, that’s when all that year, 1971. Does anybody remember the GM cars that came out?

00:13:46:19 – 00:14:10:23
Greg Wyatt
Come on, show your age a little bit. That’s when all the new muscle cars came out, Every single one of them. And everybody was buying these. You could buy a new Corvette for 40 $500. And I was a lot boy. And when they needed somebody to do a dealer trade, I’ll do it. I’ll drive. I’ll drive to Omaha and trade that.

00:14:11:08 – 00:14:40:28
Greg Wyatt
El Camino SS 396 for want of a different color. I mean, they needed to be broken in right when they came back, they were had a good start. Remember the movie Gone in 60 seconds? Well, I did. I’d run those cars 100 miles an hour down Interstate 80 at the age of 56, six years old. But after six months of that, I missed my friends and I decided I should go back to school.

00:14:42:12 – 00:15:17:26
Greg Wyatt
I only missed really quit high school for one semester. And I actually got caught up and I graduated with my class as I made up, which all this stuff I missed out on, which wasn’t much. I graduated. So this is a I’ve kind of kind of had a moment of thinking, I shouldn’t mention this, but I’m going to, because it’s part of me really doesn’t diminish who I am.

00:15:17:26 – 00:15:40:26
Greg Wyatt
It might give you an idea on who I am. My first day in high school, when I went back, I met my beautiful high school sweetheart. She was a sophomore and, well, I guess I was a senior the first day at my at high school my senior year. And it was love at first sight. We went together for the next three years.

00:15:41:17 – 00:16:09:07
Greg Wyatt
She adored me and I adored her. Well, I was very against marijuana. I was 16 years old, 15 years old, somewhere there. And that stuff’s bad for you. I seen it on the news. I seen the police officers come to our school and I said, I’ll never do that. Well, that year a friend of mine turned me on to some pot and I declined.

00:16:10:08 – 00:16:32:24
Greg Wyatt
They later turned me on to some pot. I declined. A week later, he said, Greg, you got to try this. And I was watching all my friends take a hit and oh God, it didn’t look like much fun, but they were all smile and afterwards and I thought, Hmm, well, maybe I should try it. Maybe I should. And I did.

00:16:33:16 – 00:17:00:09
Greg Wyatt
You know what it did to me? Nothing. So I tried it again because it didn’t work. A little something. Then my friend who turned me on to it, I noticed all my friends were wanting to find a place to buy it. And here I was with a lot of friends and allowed motorcycle. I was a motorcycle. I got my first motorcycle at the age of 14 and I.

00:17:00:26 – 00:17:27:18
Greg Wyatt
I was known for my loud motorcycle, my long hair and my pot smoking. My friend told me that I could take an ounce of pot and split it into four bags. An ounce was 20 bucks. I could sell those bags for seven $8 each, sell three, keep one and get it for free. Greg, you can get your pot for free.

00:17:27:18 – 00:17:49:27
Greg Wyatt
I go, Okay. Well, it only took me a couple of hours to figure it out, and before I knew it, I had a pot root. It was a little better than door to door. I was just too popular my senior year and two months before graduation. This is unreal. The very guy that turned me on to pot. This is unreal.

00:17:51:08 – 00:18:29:06
Greg Wyatt
They got me started in it. He got in trouble. He turned a narc. He turned into a state, a government city informant. And guess who got busted? Greg, 17 years old, senior year. And it was terrible. I got a bad judge, and I had. I was a rebel without a cause. I went in and stood in the federal jail with my mirrored sunglasses on and a rash of dig indignation across my face.

00:18:30:00 – 00:18:59:14
Greg Wyatt
And he looked at me at time of sentencing and says, Mr. Wyatt, he says, You haven’t learned a thing. I’m going to see you again in my courtroom. And next time it’s going to be twice as bad. And I thought twice as bad, he said, I hereby fined you $250. And I thought, Yes, $250. It’s only going to be twice as bad.

00:18:59:14 – 00:19:39:07
Greg Wyatt
The second felony, that’s 500 bucks. I make that in a short period of time. So I left the left the courtroom, City-County building and it didn’t take me long at all to pick up where I left off. I was a young, stupid kid. I was young. I didn’t think so. During this whole period, in this period of time, my weed pot crowd, I had as many jobs as I wanted and it was getting a lot and I was getting a lot of experience.

00:19:39:07 – 00:20:14:23
Greg Wyatt
I was a gas jockey at Canova’s, APCO Assistant Mechanic’s Helper. I quit these jobs when I was bored and they’d always hire me back. And in between I sold Filter Queen vacuums door to door, Fuller Brush door to door, and I was a long haired hippie going door to door. And for some reason, all these elderly people you thought they didn’t like hippies or not, the ones that I waited on, I was a long, blond, long haired hippie going door to door.

00:20:14:28 – 00:20:51:27
Greg Wyatt
And for some reason people just loved me and I loved them back. So the next thing I wanted to make more money. I was out of high school now, and I loved automobiles. I was a light boy and I answered in, This is this is so critical. This changed my life. I answered a small ad in the Lincoln newspaper that said, Auto detailer wanted to earn like $500 a week detailing my cars.

00:20:51:27 – 00:21:22:13
Greg Wyatt
Everything’s provided where Wally’s used cars 23 $0.23 street, and I knew that he opened up at 10:00 and I knew that I had to get there at 8:00 to beat him there at 9:00 because there would be a line of people wanting that job. And I went in there and I’d never really detailed cars professionally outside of my own cars, but I really wanted the job.

00:21:22:13 – 00:21:45:24
Greg Wyatt
Give me a chance. Just give me a chance. I said, I’ll tell you what, I’ll I’ll detail your first couple cars for free to show you how good I am that sealed the deal. And for the next three years, I did. All of his cars matter of fact, Weird. Wally was the number one used car dealer in in Lincoln, Nebraska.

00:21:46:05 – 00:22:10:08
Greg Wyatt
He had a pot lot. He’d buy a car for $35, sell it for $85, buy a car for $125, sell it for $275. How did I know that I became his right hand man in a very short period of time? He was my hero. And the thing with Weird Wally was he was honest. He was the most honest person I’d ever met.

00:22:10:15 – 00:22:45:03
Greg Wyatt
And he selling cars. He was honest. What has happened to honesty? I don’t know. I was a lot of money. Oh, I forgot something really important. In 1976, I. I got busted again for another felony. My second felony at the age of 21. And it was rough. The judge looked at me and told me I didn’t learn anything the first time.

00:22:45:03 – 00:23:19:00
Greg Wyatt
It was my second felony and I needed to go to prison. I’d never been in trouble before. I was a long haired hippie with soft facial features, a baby face. He suggested 3 to 5 years in prison, and he was known in Nebraska as a hanging judge. Judge Richard Farnsworth sentenced Charles Starkweather in the fifties to die for his murder spree.

00:23:19:08 – 00:23:50:00
Greg Wyatt
And it happened to be my judge. I lost it. I got on my motorcycle. I got in a minor accident. I ended up in the hospital, and I spent the 4th of July, 1976, in a dark hospital room, contemplating many things I’d never thought of before. I called my mom. I said, Mom, you got to come down. You got to help me.

00:23:50:01 – 00:24:20:21
Greg Wyatt
My mom was in tears. She walked in the hospital room and was stunned. She says, Greg, I hate seeing you like this. Why or what can I do? What can I do? Greg, This isn’t what I wanted for you. I said, Mom, call the minister of the church. Only God can help me. Only God can help me. And we’ve been going to St Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Metal Lane for a number of years.

00:24:20:21 – 00:24:55:07
Greg Wyatt
We knew the pastor well, knew the assistant pastor well. She called him The assistant pastor came to Pastor Schroder, 81 years old, little old guy, and he consoled me in ways that only God could have intervened using. Then the main minister came in because he knew it was a serious, serious, serious situation. And he says, Greg, I can see you’re in no, you are no candidate for prison.

00:24:55:07 – 00:25:20:17
Greg Wyatt
You wouldn’t last. I know you. I know your family. I know you don’t deserve this. And I says, What can I do? He says, I’m going to tell you something. I am personal friends with the judge. We go out and play golf several times a month and he says, I will go to bat for you. I couldn’t believe it.

00:25:21:24 – 00:25:50:06
Greg Wyatt
At my sentencing, I thought I didn’t have those glasses on. I didn’t have that attitude on. I was scared. All I could think of was the Nebraska state penitentiary and what went on behind those closed doors. So it was my turn. I stood up at the front of the courtroom, he says, How do you play? I said, I plead guilty, sir.

00:25:52:17 – 00:26:21:03
Greg Wyatt
And he says, Well, I’ve read the reports and you have quite a few people that have came to your defense. And he said, I don’t believe at this point it would be in the best interest of the court or you or the situation to spend time in prison. Oh, God. He said, I give you three years probation, strict probation.

00:26:23:10 – 00:26:51:04
Greg Wyatt
And I completed that probation, never got in trouble, never got in trouble again. I learned my lesson well, now it was time. I’m off probation and praise God, I made it only by the blood of Jesus. Honestly, am I even here right now? Which brings up the next part of the story. I know the video is kind of long.

00:26:51:04 – 00:27:20:28
Greg Wyatt
I try to keep it under 10 minutes. Ha. I moved to Boulder, Colorado. Boulder, Colorado. I was. How old was I? I was 25 years old. I was taking care of my disabled father, who my mother had divorced and he had a stroke. He had a broken heart. And I looked at this man that I had nothing in common with, but I felt this love that was so sincere.

00:27:21:05 – 00:27:47:14
Greg Wyatt
All I wanted to do was make sure he was well loved and provided for. I said, Dad, come with me. Come with me to Boulder, Colorado. I’ll take care of you. And he did. And there in Boulder, Colorado, I checked out several churches, and one I went to was Unity of Boulder. And guess who the minister was? Dale Big trees, Father Jack Grover.

00:27:47:14 – 00:28:27:13
Greg Wyatt
Leonard Dale Big Tree was nine and his sister was eight. Approximately at the time. And I met Dale Big Tree in that church in 1981, along with his father and his wife and his sister. Amazing. I’d never dreamed that 25, 30 years later that it would have such an important role, not only of where I came from and where I was going, but in my story today under the black bus on every holy cow.

00:28:27:13 – 00:28:55:09
Greg Wyatt
So I moved to Boulder, Colorado, with my father, went to Jack Grover Lynn’s church at Unity of Boulder and bought into the New Age. Religion felt good. Everything was good. Matt Dale, Big Tree. Dale won’t remember me, but I sure remember him. I remember the two kids that we play up at the podium. Well, being the entrepreneur I was and I had to find another gig and I went to Boulder and I had to find a roommate because I couldn’t afford a house.

00:28:56:11 – 00:29:18:10
Greg Wyatt
And there was roommate ads. It was a college town, Boulder, Colorado. There must have been 250 roommate ads. And all I thought of, I could see dollar signs because all these people were paying 50 bucks a week for the ad. So why don’t I try to help them and make some money myself? I always wanted to make money, but I wanted to help people.

00:29:18:14 – 00:29:45:12
Greg Wyatt
I didn’t want to help people by stealing it or doing a nefarious operation that couldn’t provide what was promised. So I started a company was called Find a Roommate of Boulder, Colorado, and I’d place small classified ads in the newspaper, find a roommate. I put my number down and I would get calls from day one. People wanting to find a roommate.

00:29:45:12 – 00:30:17:01
Greg Wyatt
They were frustrated. Well, how is your company work? I says, Well, this how it works. You come in and you go through my profiles. In my book, I have a profile book. I’ve always been into books, and they fill them out. Let’s see here, Sarah. Sarah is 21. She’s a graduate. He’s this. He wants to be this. And they they’d find somebody that they were interested in meeting and they write down the phone number and I get a call a day or two later, hopefully they says, Well, we found a roommate.

00:30:17:17 – 00:30:44:27
Greg Wyatt
And how I made my money is I charge $35 for the person that had the house. It was already paying $50 a week and most of them would cancel the ad because I was a much better deal and I’d field the calls and get them to come in. And I was running the business out of my house. I was kind of on a busy street and my disabled father was in the next room, but I didn’t have to work a regular job, which was great because I never of liked working for other people.

00:30:46:13 – 00:31:05:24
Greg Wyatt
Well, that ended. I got kind of bored with it. I think I sold it. I don’t remember. It’s been so long ago. It’s like 40 years ago. How could I remember all this stuff? So I found an ad in the newspaper and it said, Become a car salesman, sell cars for boulevard dots. And I thought being a car guy.

00:31:06:04 – 00:31:26:01
Greg Wyatt
Yeah. The 280 Z, the Maxima, the 310, the 210, the pickups. I already knew the whole line. And at the time it was Toyota or Dot’s and they were the two best cars. So I went down there and I became one of their top men in a very, very short period of time. Had a brand new car to drive gas.

00:31:26:08 – 00:31:51:13
Greg Wyatt
Life was fantastic. Although the problem is when you’re at the top, everybody that’s lower than you remember this, folks. If you watch my stuff, they come gunning for you. They want to make you look bad. They don’t want anyone to knock you off the top. Remember that? Do you think I would have learned so? I did that for a while and I got bored working bell.

00:31:51:13 – 00:32:24:28
Greg Wyatt
The bell 99, six days a week. I was making great money. But you could be a hero. One week and a zero the next week. So I decided to start another business. I got an idea. I’m going to start a company called Cars on Call. This is 1981, a computerized car locating service, kind of like what they do right now with Carvana and all the other myriad of cars finding services, locating services.

00:32:25:06 – 00:32:56:04
Greg Wyatt
So I started this this computer rise, car locating service in 1981 called Cars on Call, which I tried the car you were looking for. Problem was there was no Internet. So how did that work? Well, guess what they came out with in 1980, 1981, the fax machine. Oh, yeah. So people would call me one call finds them all, call cars on call.

00:32:57:09 – 00:33:22:06
Greg Wyatt
I ran a little newspaper ads in the in the local newspaper and I get calls from people. They want a specific car. They wanted a specific model mileage. And I’d write it down and I’d have my secretary put it in the computer and then make a copy of it. And I would fax it out to dealers that subscribe to my service, which it costs $300 a month.

00:33:23:19 – 00:33:44:07
Greg Wyatt
And all they had to do is sell one car and it paid for itself. It caught on pretty fast. And of course, I hired my backup personnel so I could go out and swim and play volleyball during the day and ride my motorcycle and maybe do some jog and go to the gym. And everyone else was doing the work.

00:33:44:07 – 00:34:07:01
Greg Wyatt
That’s the key to success. That was a key to my success. Always have trained someone else to do the work and monitor how they do it. Well, I had ten dealers in a short period of time. I think the first months I was making three grand a month in the 1980. That was probably more like seven, eight grand a month.

00:34:07:01 – 00:34:43:09
Greg Wyatt
Now, life was grand. So I sold my business to my partner, which I regretted for a while, until I was able to make my past and forget about it. So guess what? I’m in need of a job. Where do I go? Pick up the newspaper. There’s a classified ad in there under sales. Promote recycling. Well, this is 19 early 1990s.

00:34:43:20 – 00:35:14:27
Greg Wyatt
Excuse me. All this blends in. So in the nineties I seen this ad, I’ve done other projects in between that I haven’t even mentioned. Mostly everything that I did though, turned to gold. I don’t know why. I just had a business back. So I went down to best trash promote recycling and it said Earn $100 an hour. I go, Holy cow, I’m for that.

00:35:16:03 – 00:35:37:08
Greg Wyatt
So I call him up on the phone. It was ten in the morning and I said I wanted to do an interview. And he told me, he says, Well, it’s going to be next week sometime. He said, I’m just booked up. I’m running three trash routes, mostly by myself. I got people that help me and I go to work really early in the morning and I don’t get back until noon and I’m so tired.

00:35:37:08 – 00:35:55:21
Greg Wyatt
He said, Just make it next week. I says, Well, what time can I get there? He says, Well, I get in at 4:00. I says, Do you have time to meet me at 4:00 for 5 minutes? So I could just make a presentation and see what it’s about. He said, If you want to come in at 4:00, he said, I’ll make a point of seeing you.

00:35:56:21 – 00:36:21:07
Greg Wyatt
His name was Dick Ross, Best Trash Littleton, Colorado. Well, Dick and I hit it off quite well, and I told him my visions. I says, Well, how big of a company are you right now? He says, Well, we’re well capitalized. If that answers your question, I says, Well, how many guys do you have working for you? How many salesmen making $100 an hour?

00:36:21:29 – 00:36:45:28
Greg Wyatt
He says, Well, I got just a couple salesmen. I says, Well, how many new customers are they getting? He says, Oh, you know, maybe 100 every week or two. And I looked at him in the eye and I seen a gold mine. And I said, Dick, what if I could get you 100 customers a day? And he looked at me and laughed.

00:36:47:12 – 00:37:16:29
Greg Wyatt
I says, Well, the reason I’m asking that is can you pay me? Because he was paying me $30 a customer. Can you pay me 30 $500 a day? He says, Well, we’re well-capitalized. We’re financed by Denver restaurateurs, and it’s a great business model. Red trash trucks. So he hired me. I went out the first couple of days, did the pinch myself, knocked on the door.

00:37:16:29 – 00:37:40:28
Greg Wyatt
Hi, my name’s Greg with best trash. Do you know about a recycling program? Everybody want to hear about it. So I get into my product manual, and I had the old Ben Franklin clothes in there. This is us. This is them. They’re a national company. We’re the local company. They charge extra for recycling is free with us. This is their price.

00:37:41:06 – 00:38:04:09
Greg Wyatt
This is my price. And I had like eight different things on each side. And I said, We’d like to have you try us out. I’d pull out the book eight here, eight here, and they’d always want to go with my side. I says, Well, that’s a that’s a fairly easy decision, isn’t it? I’ll tell you, the program’s great.

00:38:05:02 – 00:38:28:27
Greg Wyatt
We’d like to have you try us out. That was my magic clothes. And 90%, at least 80% of the people signed up and I had a bigger vision than that. I thought, Wow, maybe I could train other people because I knew a lot of people that were doing door to door sales that were in the car business. All the, you know, the fine jobs.

00:38:30:00 – 00:38:53:24
Greg Wyatt
And before I knew it, I had a team of six guys out doing what I was doing, and they’d come over to my apartment downtown at 88. Logan Look it up across from Governor’s Mansion down in Denver, Colorado. And before I knew it, they were doing at least half as good as me. But I wanted to make it fun.

00:38:54:01 – 00:39:20:21
Greg Wyatt
So I got them each a pager, and every time they’d make a sale, they’d be inside and they’d ask the people they wanted to, you know, they had to call the boss to get everything going. And all of a sudden beep, beep, beep, beep. And I was taking those those $35 that I got and I was giving them half and I was keeping half and I was making several hundred dollars a night sitting at home.

00:39:22:00 – 00:39:52:14
Greg Wyatt
But alas, it came to an end after I got him. So many customers, so many customers converted, so many customers from Laidlaw, BFI and some other one Waste Management that he said, I can’t, I don’t need any more customers. We’ve got like 15 trucks now and you did a great job and I ended up getting unemployment for a while because I was laid off.

00:39:53:19 – 00:40:16:21
Greg Wyatt
And then six months later I found out that he took the very customer base that he had that I had taken from the Big three and sold it back to him for millions. Was I jealous? No. Did I feel bad? No. I just found it amusing. I was happy for him. He did all the work. He deserved it.

00:40:17:05 – 00:40:47:20
Greg Wyatt
He paid me well. He didn’t screw me over. And that’s the way business should be run. So, anyway, it was time to move out of Boulder, Colorado. I found out my mother was dying. My father had died in 1983. It was 1985. And I remember I drive from Denver to Lincoln and back and forth to make sure my mom was okay.

00:40:47:20 – 00:41:19:19
Greg Wyatt
She was living by herself. She actually was my age. She was the same age as I am right now. But she smoked a lot of her life but had quit ten years before. But it was too late and she developed emphysema. And I remember taking her to her doctor’s appointment and I went to pick her up and I could hear this screaming like a young baby.

00:41:20:14 – 00:41:50:08
Greg Wyatt
Oh, it was just I thought, Wow, what is that? So I’m waiting out front. My mom comes through the door and I said to I says, Mom, I said, Did you hear that screaming? And she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, That was me. They were trying to find a vein to measure her oxygen level because back then they didn’t have the finger stuff they do now.

00:41:51:17 – 00:42:20:05
Greg Wyatt
And I thought, how much longer, how much more suffering is she going to go through? How many more opportunities am I going to have to give her a hug and tell her I love her and to be the son that she created me to be? That was an easy decision. I went back and I talked to the doctor a week later and I says, I he he knew my mom well.

00:42:20:05 – 00:42:51:11
Greg Wyatt
She’d been seeing him for years. I asked him how much longer can my mother live? And he says, typically. So it’s easy to figure out when they’re at this stage. Stage for emphysema. There’s less than a year. I knew I had to move back, and I did. And I bought a little tiny house in western Nebraska. Wow. Wonder where I got the idea for that name.

00:42:51:28 – 00:43:14:18
Greg Wyatt
Small Czechoslovakian town on a railroad spur 30 miles miles north of Lincoln. And there was this house, $7,500. And I figured it out. This is no kidding. I figured it out that I could basically do my own thing for the rest of my life. I require very little income. I’m not frivolous. I don’t just go out and blow money.

00:43:15:04 – 00:43:42:24
Greg Wyatt
And with my house payment, which didn’t exist, I had two crappy cars, no payments. There. Utilities were cheap, food was cheap. I could live and I still have the paper because I write down everything. My monthly expenses were less than $600 a month and I was happy there. I loved living in Weston. I love going down the bar and sitting with the locals and listening to them just absorb it.

00:43:42:24 – 00:44:10:29
Greg Wyatt
It was just so great, so pristine. Unlike downtown Denver, Colorado, and all the hubbub that went down there. And I drive to see my mother and then I drive back to Weston, drive to see her. It was great. So unfortunately, no, not unfortunately. Excuse me. It was unfortunate that I met Joyce so quickly, but it was very fortunate that I met her.

00:44:11:08 – 00:44:34:21
Greg Wyatt
God has his hands on everything and I lived in West and loving West and thinking I was going to stay there forever and ever. And even my sisters just, you know, told me. Greg were really concerned about you turning into a hermit, because I’m sometimes I’m either an all or nothing guy. I either want to be the center of the crowd or I want to be away from the crowd.

00:44:35:01 – 00:45:11:00
Greg Wyatt
So the way I’ve been well, I went on a blind date. I went on a blind date, and I met this woman at a video store in Columbus, Nebraska, on a cold winter night, December 27th, 1994. And I walked in and I said to myself, Well, I know she works there. I know she’s tall, she’s blond. I said, I’m going to walk in.

00:45:11:12 – 00:45:43:00
Greg Wyatt
And if I don’t like the situation, I’ll just turn around and walk out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She’ll never even know if I turn went there. So I walk in and there’s this blond haired woman, beautiful blond haired woman. And so I said, Yeah, let’s go. Well, yeah. Hi, I’m Greg. I drove down from Columbus, says, Hi, I’m Joyce, and says, if you’d like to, you know, it’s snowing out.

00:45:43:00 – 00:46:07:13
Greg Wyatt
If you’d like to come over, we can have a hot chocolate, she says, But don’t get any ideas. I got a hammer and a can of mace right in the front room, and I thought she screwing around. That wasn’t my that wasn’t my focus. Anyway. So we spent the next several months. We were inseparable. We had so much in common.

00:46:07:26 – 00:46:33:27
Greg Wyatt
She was such a fascinating, creative person like myself. We had so much in common. We talked about having babies and we talked about getting married. Of course you get married first. We even started looking at names after a couple of weeks, what are we going to name our kid? So he started looking at Nebraska names. There was Lindsey in Nebraska, there was, Oh, I can’t even remember them all there.

00:46:34:02 – 00:47:05:24
Greg Wyatt
There’s Madison, Nebraska, if it’s a girl. Well, if it’s a boy, we’ll call him West in Nebraska. It was just something really romantic. Wife was just kept dealing me royal flushes. So I didn’t know that that woman that was in that video store working as a quarterback, I didn’t know that she owned the video store. I had no idea.

00:47:06:11 – 00:47:33:09
Greg Wyatt
And it really wasn’t important to me at the time. I’ve never been really I’m motivated by money, but it’s money I want to make. I don’t want to ride on anybody’s coattails. So anyway, I didn’t know that that was her video store, nor did I know that she was like a mini blockbuster and had video stores in quite a few places.

00:47:34:22 – 00:48:01:01
Greg Wyatt
So we went on our honeymoon and we came back. She opened the mailbox and there was a check from one of the big three conglomerate video stores that wanted to buy all of her stores. And I thought she showed me the amount and she says, Greg, where do you want to move to? We can move wherever you want to go.

00:48:01:01 – 00:48:31:26
Greg Wyatt
I says, Well, let’s go check out some place as well. Joyce was from the Southwest, so we gravitated towards Arizona and looked at Flagstaff, looked at Prescot, looked at Payson, looked at Phenix. We came to Prescott first. We went over the hill. And it’s beautiful here. I mean, I can see why everybody wants to move here. And I said, Honey, I think this is it.

00:48:33:25 – 00:48:59:25
Greg Wyatt
Within a couple of days we were buying a house. Within a week, we found another location for a video store, which happened to be one of the most profitable video stores that we ever had open. But this one was special because it was mine and Joyce’s, and it made me feel like I was contributing something. The most successful video store period.

00:49:02:15 – 00:49:25:20
Greg Wyatt
So we wanted kids. Of course, we hired people to work the video store, which afforded us time to do what we wanted. Like most entrepreneurs, and we were done with the video store, we thought we were never going to open another one after Nebraska. But then Prescot came up Prescot Valley and it was the most successful video store that we ever, ever opened.

00:49:25:27 – 00:49:48:27
Greg Wyatt
Five movies, five days, $5. And I did the radio ads, and I remember I was nervous. I never opened up one. And the very first day that we were open, the first night, 6:00, there was a line of people around the building and I thought, This is going to be successful. And all my stress and anxiety just went away.

00:49:50:01 – 00:50:19:00
Greg Wyatt
Well, after a couple of months started running smoothly, we decided, hey, let’s, you know, let’s let’s let’s fly to Denver and do some fertilization. It’s expensive. It’s like 25 grand. We flew to Denver, tried it, came back to Prescot, didn’t work. And I mean, it was like the baby died. We had all of our hopes. Can you imagine, Greg and Joyce having a kid?

00:50:20:16 – 00:50:55:07
Greg Wyatt
Wow. I mean, incredible. So we went. We tried it again and it failed again. And I said to Joyce, What are we going to do? She says, Well, let’s adopt. And I thought, Yeah, we both decided we’re going to adopt. There’s no other choice. So we found a private attorney and I wrote up the pitch on who we are, what we do, why you should pick Greg and Joyce for your unborn child.

00:50:56:23 – 00:51:25:08
Greg Wyatt
Unborn child, Of course, with abortion now, there aren’t a lot of unborn children available for adoption. So took us about there was over 200 families on file. I remember that. And they did like 20 adoptions a year. And he said, Don’t get your hopes up. Never forget that. So it could be ten years, could be two years, could be never.

00:51:27:10 – 00:51:51:05
Greg Wyatt
So that’s when I went home and put together our profile. Because when you go to the for some reason, these books are always important. So you go to the attorneys office and there be this person and this person and the birth mother would be there. And they keep, you know, their 200 birth parents of various success stories and sizes and ages.

00:51:52:07 – 00:52:25:04
Greg Wyatt
And the first first month we were chosen, and it was between us and another couple. But they decided that they only wanted a girl. And we take either. And that’s why the birth mother chose us. That’s what she told us. Then Weston was born. We met the birth parents. We became very good friends with them. It was more or less an open adoption, by the way.

00:52:25:07 – 00:53:02:00
Greg Wyatt
Haven’t had contact with them for over 20 years. They were an unmarried couple. She was 16 and he was 17, so everything was great. We got our baby, of course, started taking them to the pediatrician, which you know, that story. Then about another year later, we get a call that you’ve been chosen again for adoption. We looked at each other and said we weren’t looking.

00:53:04:00 – 00:53:37:14
Greg Wyatt
Says, Well, are you sitting down? Yeah. It’s the same birth boy and same birth girl. It was New Year’s Eve. They went out and had a fling one time. They didn’t get along very well, Fought a lot, but didn’t use drugs. No drugs, no meth, no pot, no beer. They were a clean Catholic, Hispanic couple. And then Emily was born little 19 months after Weston, and we had her two little babies.

00:53:38:25 – 00:54:02:05
Greg Wyatt
And my life was just so blessed. But I want to back up to one little point when we were applying for, you know, for these kids. One thing, it was important you got to fill out the paperwork for the attorney and it says, Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Well, Joyce, no, I was totally transparent with Joyce.

00:54:02:05 – 00:54:23:00
Greg Wyatt
After I told her my life story, I didn’t think she’d want anything to do with me. All this eugenics stuff and sterilization and evil government stuff. And so I said, Yeah, and Joyce, is Greg for us to be chosen, you’re going to have to get that off your record. I thought, Well, how do I do that? Of course, Joyce figures it out.

00:54:23:00 – 00:54:51:18
Greg Wyatt
Well, I have to schedule it with the secretaries of State of Nebraska, the attorney general and the the state prosecutor. And you go in front of a tribunal and they look at your record, they look at what happened, and they say they they grilled me. And I knew that for us to adopt West and I had to remove the sins of my past.

00:54:57:01 – 00:55:17:15
Greg Wyatt
And the first guy gets up there, he was a real prick. He was a real prick, I thought. He says, No, Mr. Wyatt. He says, I don’t like it. When I got up there, I said, Listen, I’ve never gotten arrested for anything. I don’t use drugs. I haven’t even had a traffic ticket because we applied for an expungement.

00:55:18:01 – 00:55:50:14
Greg Wyatt
It’s kind of like when your sins are wiped free, like what Jesus does. And he was kind of, like I said, a prick. And he said, I don’t think you’ve learned anything. He says, These drug cases really, really against the grain of who I am. He said, I never vote for any drug offenses to be expunged. And then he added, He says, But my two friends here, I know how they’re going to vote, so my vote doesn’t matter.

00:55:51:24 – 00:56:18:12
Greg Wyatt
They voted for expungement. The next guy voted for expungement. I walked out of there. A month later, I get a document that says My civil rights have been restored, that I can vote again, I can carry a gun, and that my past was wiped free. It was a God thing. So anyway, this is kind of a long segment.

00:56:19:18 – 00:56:46:04
Greg Wyatt
I appreciate you guys allowing me to share my life and hopefully that you can you can glean some important messages that are not written, that aren’t spoken, things that touch your heart not only for who you really are, but who I really am. God bless you all.

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Greg Wyatt – Monetizing Misery – WESTON

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